10 Questions to Ask Yourself If You Need Help Deciding to Make a Change in Your Life
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10 Questions to Ask Yourself If You Need Help Deciding to Make a Change in Your Life

The Bet on Yourself Series is a collection of short, sweet posts about my life as I take a chance and try to change my life by starting my own business. I’m hoping that by sharing what I’m going through with some actionable tips this might help encourage you, motivate you and give you some tools for your tool belt. If you’re a 20-something, are dealing with mental health issues or are wanting to start your own business today’s post might speak to you.

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Recently I’ve decided that I wanted to make a lot of changes in my life and everything has been happening at once. Work wasn’t what I thought it would be and my beauty and fashion blogging were becoming increasingly empty.

My first ah-ha moment

I recently had the opportunity to be invited as a content creator to Ipsy Generation Beauty this past October and I was honestly overwhelmed by the amount of free stuff we got as creators (I had to buy two suitcases to bring it all home!). When I came back and looked at all the items piled up on my bed I realized that I didn’t want to keep making videos that weren’t doing well and were unfulfilling to make. I was hoping fashion videos would be the answer, but it turns out I just liked looking nice, which doesn’t add much value in terms of providing real tips and advice to other women needing help with looking their best (conceited? Yeah—I know).

So here I was stuck. I’ve spent two years making beauty videos and for the bulk of that time I enjoyed it. Fashions videos weren’t the answer either. I had been neglecting my blog because I wanted to blog about mental health issues and that had nothing to do with beauty and fashion so I left it alone.

And then life forced me to stop what I was doing and ask myself if this is really how I wanted my life to go on.

The moment that changed everything

The wakeup call happened when I didn’t get a job I applied for despite making it to the final round, interviewing for 3 hours with a total of 12 people and creating an impressively 30 slide deck for 4 day case study. I had all the right experience, but when it came down to me another person I wasn’t the lucky winner. It was when I didn’t receive any real feedback as to why I didn’t get it I knew I need to make a change and change my life. I was working way too hard for other people and I my desire to work for myself could no longer be ignored.

What I realized

No one was forcing me to stay at job I didn’t like with a bad past behind me and no real future ahead.

No one was forcing me make videos that weren’t performing well and that I didn’t enjoy making because they weren’t helping very many people. No one was making me repeatedly try growing my social media accounts using cookie cutter tactics that worked for other people, but didn’t reflect who I was and the value I wanted to add to people’s live.

Making changes

As of a few weeks ago I knew I wanted to buckle down, save up money and build my own brand over the next year so I could be a good place to move back to Atlanta, find a job I really like and (hopefully) monetize all the blogging and social media work I do outside of my day job in a meaningful way. As of last week I realized I was being called to focus on sharing my story and provide real, relatable tips and tools for people looking to change their lives just like I am.

While I certainly do not have it all figured out—which is also the foundation of me sharing my experience—I did realize there are a few key questions you can ask yourself to help you figure out if what you are doing is actually right for you. Take a look at the free download below and let me know which question resonated with you the most.

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10 Questions to Ask Yourself If You Need Help Deciding to Make a Change in Your Life

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