5 Questions to Ask Yourself to See If Natural Skin Care is Right for You

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With the start of the new year, many people are asking themselves how they can revamp their current routines to get their year off to the right start. Natural skin is a great option if you are a skin care veteran or just learning the basic steps. Below are 5 tips for seeing if natural skin care is the best option for you.

  1. Do I have any allergies? It’s quite possible that ingredients in you are allergic to common ingredients or additives in skin care and makeup products. While you may not have an allergic reaction that requires an Epipen, common signs of irritation include burning sensation, itchy skin or swelling or welling of the area where you applied said products. Always do a patch test for a new product to make sure you’re ok to place it all over your face or body
  2. Am I cleaning up my diet? You may be surprised to see this question on the list, but if you’re making an active effort to clean up what goes into your body, you may want to consider what you’re putting on it. Our skin is a biggest organ! Consider updating your skin care routine if you’re actively changing what you eat.
  3. Can I read all the ingredients on my bottles? One perk of moving to natural skin care is that you’ll know everything that’s going into making that product. Natural products also tend to contain fewer ingredients than their synthetic counterparts, which is a big plus when trying to figure out what’s on the label!
  4. Would I like to save money? In my experience, I have found that natural skin care products tend to be cheaper as they aren’t loaded down with fillers and additional processing costs. Consider looking for a natural version of your favorite product that aims to have the same benefits to save some money!
  5. Do I want to shop small? I have some amazing smaller, local brands and shop that sell incredible natural products that have been more effective than the similar products sold by national retailers and big brands. Getting into natural skin care has made grow an affinity towards shopping small and it’s a trend I want to continue in the future.

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