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5 Tips for Finding Inspiration In Unexpected Places

Feel like you’re stuck in a rut? Not sure what to write or post? Feel like you’re just writing about and posting about the same things? Lacking…..


Becoming (and staying) inspired is hard work. We’re constantly balancing what’s interesting to us and what could connect with our audience (which typically involves trying to learn how to become a mind reader.) Inspiration is key to not only writing content, but feeling good about what you post.

Over the past few weeks I’ve made it my mission to look for inspiration everywhere! This has led me down some interesting paths and has been incredibly useful as I work on doubling down on my blog and Instagram feed. Below are a few unexpected places to consider if you’re stuck on what to post, what to wear, or what to create next:

  1. Vision board: pull out a few old magazines and spend an hour -putting together fonts, colors, images and words that inspire you.
  2. Get out in nature or visit an art museum: not only will this help clear your mind, nature and art both have ways of speaking to us on a deeper emotional level. You might be surprised at what comes to you while you’re out and about
  3. Explore top posts in hashtags: photos with the most comments and likes will give you a sense for what people are interested in in your niche
  4. Check out cooking or home magazines: these tend to be highly colorful, highly visual compilations of tips, tricks, recipes and ideas and can get your brain thinking in a different way
  5. Check out a clothing store that’s outside of your normal aesthetic: similar to tip 4, checking out what’s on trend at the moment can you gain a broader perspective on your own interests. I can’t tell you how many times I go into different stores and come up with great content to post on Instagram

Have you looked for inspiration in any of these places? Up for trying a few? Let me know in the comments which one of these tips speaks most to you!


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