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$6 DIY Makeup Cake Tray

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 5.48.26 AM
This one is super easy!
Sometimes I just go to the dollar store/ any store really and look around and I think of a project I want to do over the weeked or in this case on a Tuesday night. This usually comes after I go to a store looking for something that’s already made and I either can’t find while I’m there or it’s not quite whatI’m looking for.
I like displaying stuff… liven up my space a little/ declutter where I can. My sister was sweet enough to get me a pretty perfum bottle for holiday so I wanted to put it up somewhere where I could still get to it and declutter my makeup counter (which is in and of itself an lifetime comittment).
The drying process will take you the longest. Please let each part dry before you move on. No one wants to spend extra coin re-buying perfumes becuase they try toppeled over because we couldn’t let it dry.
I was that person…
I dropped my collection several times.
Items list:
-two serving trays
-one candle holder
-adhesive (I tried elmer’s and gorilla glue then used some leftover command strips I had lying aorund)
-car paint
1. paint the candle holder. set aside and let it dry
2. adhere the candle holder onto the bottom tier. let try
3. adhere the candle holder onto the top tier. let try
4. put yo pretty thangs on it
Photos below:
Post a pic, tag me on my social media or comment below if you’ve made you’re own tray or have any tips.
These trays are pretty classy and can make great gifts if you wanna kick yours up a notch.

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