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Quick Tips For Building Your Media Kit

Happy New Year!

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I’ve seen this question quite a bit on the various blogger support groups I belong to on Facebook. Regardless of your brand’s age or reach, it’s always a good idea to have a media kit ready in advance. I have taken my Youtube channel seriously for the past 6 months, my blog seriously for the past month and my Instagram seriously for the past year or so. Monthly updates on your accounts are doing is not only a great way to pat yourself on the back, it’s also a tangible way to show brands how great you are and why they should consider partnering with you! Putting pen to paper ahead of time on how you’re doing on a monthly basis is a life saver for when brands or platforms want to see y our starts.

As you start out the new year, invest an hour or two in yourself this month and consider putting your blogger starts together. Below is a copy of my kit as well as tips and tricks to help you put yours together as quickly and as easily as possible.

What to include

  • Name
  • Contact info
  • Brand logo or bio pic
  • Social media stats
  • Content niche and audience information
  • Brands and logos for any relevant partnerships
  • Any third feedback you’ve received (see why below)

How to update it

  • Monthly! Make sure you get into the rhythm of updating your kit. End of month works great because it’s coincides with standard account measures that brands are used to when it comes to track growth and progress month over month. Make sure you include the date on each version of your kit incase brands want to see a few months worth of stats and figures
  • Show growth!



  • Have fun! Make sure your “resume” shows off your personality while still looking professional. Explore fonts and colors that support your blog and image
  • Keep it to one page if you’re just starting out. As you work with more brands or product more content you want to highlight, you may run into two pages, but I would say cap it to front and back
  • Remember your audience. Brands want to know what’s in it for them so be sure to frame your highlights in a way that show that working with you will be a plus for them as well! How have you been able to capitalize on your audience? If you have worked with brands, reach out and ask for feedback and work it into your CV!

Canva is a great tool you can that’s totally free! Below is a copy of my media kit that I built on their website. It only took about an hour to build and takes about 10 minutes to update each month. Just log into their site and use one of their resume templates if you don’t want to build it from scratch!

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