Dior Vernis Gel Shine and Long Wear Nail Lacquer (Mirage 338)

Two weeks. This delicious nail polish stayed on for two weeks. That means I didn’t have to sleep with my face down in the pillow, hands shooting out of blanket over my head contorted in different directions to avoid sheet prints on my hands one Sunday night because this nail polish stayed on for TWO WHOLE WEEKS. That’s an extra week y’all.

Backstory: I bought and lost a bottle of baby blue nail polish from this brand less than a year ago. It’s painful to look at my current collection and know that it’s still missing and even harder to not think about ol’ blue every time I use my new color.

Honestly I think I ordered this on a whim one of the many times I play around with Sephora’s free 2-day shipping because getting makeup stuff super fast is fun to me. I was on the site one day just hanging out (this is how I spend my other free time), waiting for my bank to contact out of fear of potential fraudulent purchases taking place in my apartment and I just saw it… this color… I knew I had to have it. Avenge my baby blue. Or, at least try to be responsible enough to not loose $50+ worth of nail polish like I got it like that.

Day 1

I don’t know what’s in the bottle guys, but it’s magic.

Day 12/13

The opaqueness. The richness. The future chip-free technology that they’ve seemed to have captured. This stuff is bomb.

I’ve been painting my nails ever since I realized I could color coordinate polish with my outfits every day for school… in middle school… so we’re talking years here. Side note: you couldn’t tell me nuffin when I was 10. Nails and outfits had to be did everyday.

This stuff is so great on its own it didn’t suffer from me using my wet n’ wild clear nail polish (not even a top coat) on top and my chunky sally Hansen hard as nails n the bottom. (Don’t my nails look professionally done? I know they do… y’all can’t tell me nothing!)

Bonus pics: styled with some outfits


FS + BH Ratings:

Would I buy again?: Yes

Would I recommend to a friend?: Yes

*Purchase Details*
Where I bought it:

On sale?: nope

*Boring Stuff*

Directions: manicure nails à base coat ànail polish x 3 coats à top coat à paint nails again in two weeks


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