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How to Blog Your Instagram Account Using MagicLinks

(not sponsored, but to MagicLinks: you’re welcome <3)

If you’re stuck in a blogger rut, consider cross promoting your Instagram content for additional exposure and content ideas! It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that typically your social media audiences are particular to those platforms. This means that your blogger squad may not be in your snapchat fam and they haven’t even gotten around to seeing what you’ve been cooking on you Instagram and twitter feeds.

Recently, I’ve started reposting and MONETIZING my Instagram content using MagicLinks, which creates ready to shop product links for content you post online. I’ve just starting using it and I’ve already seen positive benefits from the quick and easy to use service.

How MagicLinks works

  1. Make a free account. Here’s my referral code to the site. We each get on when you sign up. I would encourage you to make a similar post and your link.
  2. Download the chrome extension and app. This will allow you to easily keep track of your account

How to use it on your blog and other social media

  1. Copy the photo and description of you instagram post and start a new blog post
  2. Add a few more points on the product as well as any other pics you wish to share
  3. Use MagicLinks to:
    1. Find a link for that product
    2. Find a link for similar products and blog about those as well in your post

Benefits of MagicLinks

  1. Additional analytics for your social media. If you review products or have a particular corner of the market you focus on, you can see what people are actually interested in buying not just watching or commenting on. Knowing where they might spend their money can help shape future content you chose to cover or review.
  2. Commissions on each person using your code. If you’re just starting out it’s especially hard to monetize your various platforms. Remember Instagram isn’t searchable like a blog postyou’re your great content will go largely unnoticed if people don’t follow and with 400 millions on Instagram, a lot of people will inevitably miss your posts. Use SEO to your advantage and make a few pennies on your posts with MagicLinks
  3. Great numbers for your media kit!

I hope this helps! Comment down below what success you’ve had with MagicLinks and services like it. Let me know if you sign up using my referral code. You can also use these links in your youtube feeds and Instagram urls!


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