Is VIB Rouge Really Worth It?


…and no.

I have been a VIB rouge member for a few years now. That means I annually spend AT LEAST $1,000 (we all know it’s more). The program has it’s perks. It’s also has a lot of work that needs to be done if they want to keep shop happy customers entertained.

Disclaimer: keep in mind this is my perspective as someone who does spend a ton of money in the store. I recently posted a video in the comments a few subscribers made remarks about the program. I thought a follow up post would be appropriate to get the rest of my thoughts out. I share feedback with my local Sephora all the time. The reality is Sephora isn’t a drugstore company. While they do carry medial grade skin care, they have plenty of folks who are die hard customers and should honestly do more to let them know their experience is valued. If it’s sounds like I’m complaining, then that means you aren’t reading my suggestions with down below as well!




  • Exclusive access to new products: Some of these products are nice, especially when they are from luxury brands or overlap with the rare store-wide discounts that the store provides. I’ve gotten good deals on exclusive items that sold out before their proper launch date.

  • Seasonal previews: this is my favorite part of being a VIB Rouge. Getting dressed up to chat about makeup and preview new launches feeds my inner blogger spirit animal. Plus; my local shop has branded cups and mini water bottles, which I always steal and take home 🙂


  • Points Expire: This came a little too late. Recently Sephora made changes to it’s loyalty program that had people fussing for days. Points now expire after 2 years of inactivity. This is complicated for those that save up points for the larger prizes, which often get into 5,000-10,000 points. I think Rouge points shouldn’t expire since we’re the only ones snagging those prizes anyways. I’m not going to double or triple my spending habits in year just so I can get a top gift. They always go out of stock, which mean someone is grabbing them, but the point expiration policy makes them that much more inaccessible.

  • Changes to seasonal sale: twice a year Sephora is gracious enough to have a store wide sale. The changes they have made are not great for Rouge-rs. In the past, these folks were allowed to shop a week before everyone else, which was great for us and not for everyone else (hence the change). Items would sell out and other loyalty members were just out of luck. Now, everyone shops at the same time and I think we get 20% off versus 15%. This year everyone get the same discount, which will certainly makes things worse. Stay tuned

  • Insane number of makeup bags as free gifts: Do not need anymore thanks. Especially when I have to spend either $25 or $35 (if I actually want samples in the bag).

  • Lack of high quality free gifts: Each year we get a gift. It’s either a mini blush in an “exclusive” shade blush that we probably already own. It might be near to pass out wearbles like a cool t-shirt or tote instead of something that’s so directly makeup related. If Sephora opened a pop up shop or an online branded store (not the bazaar nonesense) I would definitely drop cold hard cash to get some paraphanalia. A free Play! Box would be a great gift as well!

Those are my thoughts. While I do think there are more pros and cons, I will probably always be a VIB Rouge member, which speaks to the beauty of the program (and why Sephora really doesn’t have to make changes). Getting that little red card and a thank you each time I check out makes me feel special and that’s what makeup is all about. There’s also real stress psycholigical stress associated with not being a VIB Rouge member that keeps me spending money that store. As my preferences towards makeup change, I’m sure I’ll continue to shop elsewhere, but I’ll always try to have an extra grand for my red, white and black companion.

What are you thoughts on the system? What changes would you like to see? Which brands do loyalty right? Let me know in the comments!


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