NYE + 2015 Reflections #throwback

This was pulled from old blog site. A #throwback is good every now and then. 
Today marks the last day of a weird year. Personally I:
-graduated college
-lost most of my friendships due to *
-gained some back
-made some new ones
-saw old faces
-brunched. hard.
-got my first job
-moved out of my parent’s house
-got a * boyfriend
-lost a boyfriend
-started this blog
-went back on forth on tattoos and nose piercings
-gained a bunch of weight
-lost some weight
-grew my hair supes long
-realized I like being a chatty people person
-decided I need 3-4 dogs
-started getting serious about keeping my apartment clean
-started building out my closet
-collected a lil art
-got my makeup interests together
-crafted. baked. cooked
-grocery shopped three times since moving into the city
-realized I’ll get around to doing something when I’m ready
-realized all this happened in the past 5/6 months which makes me wonder what I was doing for the rest of the year
So what does this all mean?
I’m not going to make any resolutions for next year because I won’t follow them… what I will do is keep doing what I’m doing, because it’s been one heck of weird, good year.
May you have a wonderful last day of 2015.
See you on the other side.
I’ll be the one dancin to the always relevant Mariah Carey
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