NYE Haul (F21)

With NYE and my birthday upon us I headed to F21 to stock up on two new outfits and accessories.
My relationship with F21 has had highs and lows. We loved. We hated. And yet we always come back… especially when you have to start funding your shopping habit.
Long story short I stuck to the plus size section of the store, tried on 30 different things, saw someone try to steal stuff then left. Nothing out of the ordinary when people get all nutted up during the holidays.
I settled on a top for New Year’s Eve and a new dress for my bday.
I took this necklace off the door of my dressing room on my way out.
What I had in mind in the store:
Forever 21 isn’t cheap and in their defense if they are going to bring their quality up then they should charge more for their products. Both items were in the $20-$30 range. While I’m not a fan of the updated return policy in which you don’t get your money back (… you get store credit…. woo….), I am a fan of their accessible prices for people like me who are constantly updating their style. I love buying new stuff for work and their jewelry prices are pretty reasonable plus I won’t cry if I go and loose a fake pearl.
I will say, F21, it would be great if your dresses could nip and tuck a little more… your either thin and everything looks great or you’re not and we can see your shape wear. Material and fit, while better for the F21+ collection, is still a little poor.
(will not be inserting the fashion show selfies I sent to my friends of failed options)
Gotta find that middle ground.
I shop at F21 all the time so I would only recommend the brand to someone who just wants trendier pieces to round of their collection. The goal is not to make F21 a way of life. I am a firm believer of spending real money on your collection necessities.
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