Sentimental Feelings – Throw Out Your Old Makeup

Makeup expires. Despite your favorite gurus using the first mac eyebrow pencil they ever bought for a fun get ready with my idea, makeup goes bad and I highly suggest you throw it out.

If you’re concerned about when you should throw out your makeup, the back of the packing tells you. Each makeup product has to specify how long something is good for either on the product directly or the packaging it came it. It’s usually on the product. The “#M” inside the weird can tells you how many months you can keep it before the quality breaks down.

The easiest way to make sure you know when to throw your items out is to keep track either with pen and paper or an app. These apps don’t really exist for the beauty niche just yet. Other options include a tracker app or a journal that you remix and make it your own.

I like Excel quite a bit. By trade and by life I use it a lot and it’s pretty straight forward.

As a freebie, I have put together an easy Google Sheets file you can use to keep track of the expiration dates!

For my own the go girls this make it easy to download the Sheets app and see your makeup directory anywhere in the world.

When you open the file you should immediately notice that it’s pretty straightforward. Throwing out stuff isn’t hard –we just get attached to things or we want our money’s worth so we hold onto it sort dear life.

Sort by the expiration date and you’ll know what to keep an eye on every time you buy something!


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