Travel-Friendly Hacks for Beauty and Skincare Lovers

Around this time of year travel is on the minds of lots of people that have friends and family across the globe. I too will be doing a bit of traveling and over the years I have gotten my packing down to a science. It can be both hard and annoying to pack when you’re not sure what events

Palettes! Palettes! Palettes! Think about your makeup collection and all the great palettes you own. Pick one or two that you know you can create a variety of looks with. Remember you’ll need transition shades, day time colors and few fun shades in case you plan on going out at night.

Versatility is key. In addition to palette, think about all the multi-tasking products in your collection that can serve multiple purposes while you’re away. Tip and cheek products are a great example of products that you can get a lot of usage out of. Tip: you can often times use your powder contour palettes and colors in eye looks for smoky eyes and day time looks.

  • NARS ‘Orgasm Collection – The Multiple’ Stick –
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Minis! I have just as many minis as I do full size products. I probably have more given that I have them organized into product categories just like I do my actual collection. Minis have no greater power than serving as substitutes for your full size products when you have to travel. Those free samples you’ve saved up are perfect for traveling. Many companies also have smaller sizes of their products. Check ahead of your trip to see if you can pick it up in advanced.

Repurpose small jars to create your own sample sized products. This hack never fails. Pack smaller portions of your favorite products if you have a hard time parting with them when you travel. Just make sure you pack them in air tight containers so they don’t spill in your luggage.

Pack the same things every time (aka plan ahead). This is my number one tip. I keep a travel Tupperware container in my suitcase filled with a few staple items that I only use from traveling. Because I only use them for traveling and each item in my kit is compliments my daily skincare routine, my skin doesn’t have too much adjusting to do when I travel! If you travel a lot, preparing a kit will take the hassle out of planning the night before.

Shop local. If all else fails, just buy it at your destination. I sometimes I do this with hair gel and spray bottles. If you have or two cheap products that you forget or are cumbersome to pack, save yourself the stress and frustration and buy those smaller items at your destination. Tip: visiting your favorite friends and family? Ask to leave some things behind for your next trip!

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