Weight Loss Surgery Series: 10 Things I Won’t Miss About Being Overweight

Today, I’m taking a break from my normal content to chat about something that’s become increasingly central to my life: my upcoming weight loss surgery! Up until now, I haven’t focused on this topic on any of my social media platforms to any real extent and truthfully, I’m not sure how much I’ll talk about it moving forward. In the word of social media and building a brand/ image, straying off that path is not recommended. Recently, I’ve had to take this to heart and I transition to more lifestyle content to I can afford myself the opportunity to blog about more, different things.

In any case, having a space to share more of who I am has always been of extreme importance to me and with my surgery scheduled for Friday, I wanted to put up a post of two celebrating my hard work. After my surgery, I will try to check in once a month both here and on my YouTube channel so I can keep a journal of sorts documenting my progress. I also have an opportunity to help others considering surgery by sharing my experience with them.

Now that we have that out of the way, I thought it would be fun to post a things about my experience being severely overweight these past two years. Today’s post isn’t meant to shame anyone or myself nor is it to meant to comment on anyone else’s experience other than my own. If people are interested, I can share how I gained my excess weight at another time. I’ve been overweight most of my life, but these past two years have been something else. To keep things short and sweet, I’ll just straight into my list!

  • Not fitting into my seat
  • Not being able to shop in clothing stores
  • Being unable to cross my legs
  • Always being out of breath
  • Running always being uncomfortable
  • Lack of defined neck line
  • Not being able to easily bend down and tie my shoe
  • How wide my face is
  • Being the “fat twin”
  • Low self confidence

I recognize that I’m providing a pretty personal list with no context other than the few words described above. If there’s interest in learning more about the list, I would be happy to put that in an upcoming video. Comment down below!

Is there anything you won’t miss as you start making changes to your life? Let me know in the comments!


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