What exactly am I doing with my blog?

Great question.

Happy Monday! I’ve been thinking a lot over the past few weeks about of all my hobbies and what they actually mean to me. I think I’m at a point now where I’m ok doing what makes me happy even if it means losing a few followers and subscribers in the process and I re-brand. It’s been a long road and I’ve decided that at the end of the day, I’m if I’m the one putting in work on my brand, I should have more of say in the content I create versus trying to always talk about the next hottest thing. That approach has turned me off to doing anything and that’s why I haven’t been posting or writing much recently. I’ve also had to accept that for me, each platform I use has a distinct place in my overall strategy and that’s fine—I just need to be upfront about it. I started blogging after I made my YouTube channel, which was after I started taking Instagram seriously. I’ve been interested in product reviews, tutorials, wellness, fitness; a lot things and I’ve realized that I need to get honest with myself (and clear with you guys) on what you can expect from me on each platform.

Let’s start with videos. YouTube is tough. Not only is it super competitive, there’s also this element of being up on the latest trends and hacks that I struggle to deal with on almost a daily basis. My interest in makeup has changed a bit and for a while doing product reviews was all I wanted to do, even when I didn’t have the money to go out and constantly buy new things. Even though my financially things are way different, I can say I honestly no longer care to spend my salary on products for videos that don’t get a lot views. I know views aren’t the end all be all of content creation, but one of the ways that I define success for my brand is being able to reach a wide audience of makeup and beauty lovers alike. I can see a direct correlation to views and engagement when I make videos on trending topics and I really hate making them. I’m at a point in my life where I’m not only not willing to do anything to become successful, I’m also not willing to let myself define it on other people’s terms (and that’s what trending videos are to me). Making and editing good videos is more than a day’s worth of work and right now my filming situation isn’t what I would like for it to be. I am moving soon and am intentionally looking for spaces that will allow to film the videos I’m looking to make. For now, I’m just not able to have to success I want to have on that platform and it’s not for lack of trying.

In lieu of making product review videos, I’ve started to think about other types of content I want to produce, but that may turn off my current audience. I’m not sure they are interested in my wellness tips or fashion sense, but I am willing to experiment with my channel and see what types of content people react strongly to. I a lot of my viewers are people that also follow me on Instagram so I’ve slowly started to incorporate more lifestyle and fashion in my posts so I can prime people for what’s ahead.

One of the things I loved about YouTube was reading people’s comments and being able to help people. Recently I’ve seen my engagement on my Instagram spike as I’ve implemented new strategies and I think I want to use this platform more moving forward to re-brand myself. Less makeup—more beauty, lifestyle, wellness and fun. I make share some of my social media tips in an upcoming blog post soon if all goes well. If not, I may share anyways to help others learn from my mistakes.

For me, I want my blog to be a melting pot of ideas— my one safe space on the internet that I can talk about whatever I want. Most of the original content I create for my blog is centered around wellness topics and I like being able to talk about topics other than makeup or beauty on my site. When I’m not writing, I spend a lot of time working on my own mental health and I think an important part of that process is having somewhere where I can talk about it on an ongoing basis to help me process what I’m feeling. While I’m no expert, I think people might also be interested in what I have to say (at least I hope so anyways). Success for my blog has very little to do with reach of audience. I’m usually just happy that I posted something. I’m sure over time that may evolve into a different set of goals. Blogging is also very competitive and I think I’ve given up on doing certain things to make myself seem more polished than I actually am. I just want to write and have fun doing it.

Even though my platform is small, it’s growing and I’m happiest when people leave comments and notes that suggest that some part of what I wrote was interesting to them.

Over the next few weeks I will be taking a stab at taking blogging more seriously. I think I’ll feel better putting pen to paper on all the things I think about. Not all of my topics will be serious! I have to get better about sharing funny moments too.

I hope that you continue to find my content useful or amusing in some way, shape or form. Thanks to all of those who do leave me comments and interact with my content. It makes me day!



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